The Hunters

The Parallel Mashup
The Same, But Different

Just to let ya know, I’m going to post in bullet points. The HTML can actually NOT break when I use them and it saves me some explaining.
- Everyone -

  • The gang makes their way to Elidin Tamilfist’s “Clan House and Tavern for Attractive Humans.”
  • Everyone receives respective missions

- Natalie, Tim, TomTom -

  • They find the garden that Elidin had sent them too, but it was infested with zombies
  • After numerous retreats and a lesson on why you always bring a weapon for every type of attack, the gang kills the zombies and skeletons plaguing the garden.
  • They make their way to the back and notice an unusual door, so they bust down the door (killing one very misfortune skeleton guard) and scaring the heck out of two human guards.
  • They notice a room built around a pool filled with corrosive acid and three zombie giants chained to the wall, beckoning to a respective character.
  • The giants say that if the character wants what they seek, to take the talisman. Then a map falls from a dimensional rift in the roof and Oura, Colin, and Himizu catch it and memories of the location are revived to them.

- Juan -

  • Jamlamin finds the garden that the mysterious bard had sent him to, devoids it of all life, and loots everything in sight.
  • He makes his way to the back and notices an unusual door, so he peaks in and sees a chained minotaur and a pool of diseased blood in the middle of the cave.
  • After a long chat/bluff about how freeing the minotaur will enable said minotaur (who is revealed to be named Katie) to kill it’s freer. Eventually, Jamlamin calls the weary minotaurs bluff and frees him.
  • The minotaur says that if Jamlamin wants what he seeks, to take the talisman that he was told to give to Jamlamin. Then a map falls from a dimensional rift in the roof and Jamlamin catches it and memories of the location are revived to him.

- Breana -

  • Apotropaia finds the dwarf encampment that Tamilfist sent her to, jumps up a ten foot wall, takes numerous javelins to her body (which hardly do any harm) and beats three dwarves to death with her bare hands; causing all of the others to run away in fear.
  • She makes her way to the back and notices an unusual door, so she casually walks in and sees a chained dragon in a pool of boiling mercury.
  • After seducing the dragon and freeing him, he gives her a talisman and a map and knowledge of the location floods her mind. The dragon states that the map will lead her to what she seeks and that he “owes her one.”
  • He informs her of a treasure in the room that the dwarves were talking about and she is clever enough to use the dragon to find a chest in the pool of mercury. The chest contains what Tamilfist later states to be a crown with ridiculously unusual magic properties and an affinity towards only Ms. Chthonia. so he politely throws the “stupid problem” in her hands.

- Everyone -

  • The groups finish at the same time and make it back to Eledin who explains that the symbols on the talisman and maps belong to a very old band of evil bards. Colin and Apotropaia have the talisman of the white moon. Himizu, Oura, and Jamlamin have the talisman of the black sun.
  • The first clan in this band is “The Bards of the White Moon.” They were highly aggressive and plotted to take over towns one by one. They only got through with three towns when the Paladins intervened and stopped them in their tracks.
  • The second clan in this band is “The Bards of the Black Sun.” White frankly, little is known about them, even to this day. They often battled The Bards of the White Moon in friendly, evil competition just to test their might.
  • Tamilfist recommends that they all follow the map with the symbol the same as their talisman and will provided them with discounts to aid them on their quest (except for the stupid puppy, she will get no discounts).
Hey Guys!
Where it all... uhh... begins and stuff

Hey guys!
p. Just to let you know, first session is on Tuesday, at my house, at 2:00 p.m.
Things I need all of you to bring every single session are dice, laptops if you have one, character sheets (digital or otherwise), and food or money for food (unless you don’t plan to eat for 6 to 8 hours).
p. Breana and Juan, you’ll all be doing things separately via skype from a separate room (so as not to encounter spoilers) for the first half.
p. Tim, Natalie, and TomTom, I’ll be talking you through your parts.
p. p. Remember, have fun! If you get bored, I’m not doing my job right, so tell me how to improve. This is my first time after all. And good luck! Breana and Juan, you’ll need it.

P.S. I like to add hax to my games, but I doubt you’ll ever figure out what I’m talking about.


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