Clockwork Ring

A ring created with an unknown silver colored metal using clock-like gears and infused with an unknown magic


Usable only by Colin Cacciatore due to his unusual affinity for rings.

The ring has three settings that can be activated by clicking the separate gears into their respective places. Using any one gear takes one standard action.

1st gear: Grants 3 extra initiative for one turn, usable only once a day.

2nd gear: Grants Haste for one round, usable only once a day.

3rd gear: Stops time for 10 seconds, usable only once a day.


Crafted by an unknown ancient clock-maker as a gift for the Paladin-Prince known as Kirur; the Clockwork Ring was lost to the ages after the original owner died in combat against a fierce group of mountain dwelling Monks. From the battlefield the ring passed to the leader of the monks, whose name is still unknown. The ring stayed with the monks until a particularly sly, and rather secretive, Rogue broke into their citadel and stole only the ring. Of course even a master thief and one who has an artifact as powerful as the Clockwork Ring is not invincible. After a particularly brutal assassination made by one Mult the Torn, a Fighter in control of a powerful under-city gang, the ring was taken again and used for Mult’s personal use. That is until one of his many concubines, a Cleric by the name Therstina, murdered him and took the ring. Soon after, Therstina had to flee the city and needed money. Because Mult had told her everything about the ring she knew how it operated and knew that the College of Time would pay handsomely for it. The leaders of the college, the aged Wizard and Sorcerer Orologio and Horologium, were attempting to use the ring to unlock the secrets of time so as to never age. However before they could make any real progress the College was assaulted by a band of Barbarians, and the ring was lost in their plunder. Unfortunately the barbarians traveled through Bramblebriar meadow, an enclave of powerful Druids who swiftly slaughtered the intruders and took control of the ring. The ring, however, eventually led to a division in the enclave and a small civil war broke out. In the turmoil a pair of shape shifting imps wandered into the meadow and stole the ring. The imps were later called upon by the Bards of the White-Moon and Black-Sun as an experiment to test their summoning capabilities. After the fall of the Bards the imps kept holed up in the old stronghold of the Bards until a group of adventurers explored the castle and found the ring. Colin Cacciatore, a Ranger and the new owner of the Clockwork Ring, was one of those adventurers and he remains the undisputed owner to this day.

Clockwork Ring

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